The Food Races

There are many different kinds of food, they come in many different shapes, forms, and flavours. These are usually referred to as “races” by the other food (why they see the need to classify themselves in such fashion I do not understand; for m, “made of flesh” and “not fleshy” suffices).

I mean, I can see the advantage of me classifying them. Sorting flavours and picking appropriately from the menu is an important skill. You don’t want to mix your Twi’lek with your Cathar, for example, it’s a terrible mix of non-harmonius opposing flavours. But as far as I know, the food don’t eat each other (well, with reasonable accuracy), so there is no need for them to classify.

Where was I? Oh yes, food races. In the interest of the bettering of the universe through knowledge, I shall describe the different kinds of food without further ado. Expect this page to be updated as more food falls on my lap, or rather, in my maw (read: the original Star Wars: The Old Republic is updated).


  • Standard fare, common species found everywhere.
  • Firm flesh with thin coating. Bland, unremarkable flavour.
  • Must be handled with care.
  • Good nutritional value.

Humans are by far the most common fare I come across. They are boring, boring, BORING! Bland, unremarkable flesh with barely any flavour. The upside is that more delicate flavours that may come from the junk the food carries, or its life habits, are not completely masked by a dominant main one. The downside is that subtle bad flavours that may come from the junk the food carries, or its life habits, are not completely masked by a dominant bland one. Yes, that’s an upside or a downside, depending on what the food’s habits were.

If at all possible, it is best to let the food dry out in open air for a few days out in the open sand, it dessicates the flesh slightly and gives a more seasoned, wholesome flavour to it. The food tends to make noise only for the first couple of days, then it goes quiet.


  • Prime species.
  • Soft flesh with extra protuding appendages. Firm tart flavour.
  • Easily broken if not careful when handling.
  • Good source of vitamins C and E.

The Twi’lek is one of my favourite foods. It is not uncommon, and often can be found traveling togetehr with humans. Their soft bodies are easily broken when capturing, unfortunatey, but even in those cases it can be made good use of. Their flavour, while strong, is not overbearing, and allows one to enjoy the more subtle hint of floral sweetness that lies underneath. It is best when saved for dessert, or when eaten with fresh, vegetable-like food (I believe the food would call this a “salad”). They combine well with clean humans – don’t want to risk a badly-tasting human spoiling it.

Twi’leks seem to breed rapidly and, despite heavy hunting on my part, don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. It’s hard to believe that a rapidly reproducing souce of food could be this tasty, but there you go.


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