Rules of Conduct

Okay folks, here’s some ground rules for those who post (that, by the way, includes me):

Users shall not post any inappropriate materials including, but not be limited to:

  • Hate material, including, without limitation, defamatory, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive imagery, content or language.
  • Pornography or obscene or indecent material.
  • Political Propaganda. The site cannot have an obvious political agenda, or one that has blatant messaging of slogans and attacks on religions, ethnic groups, or personalities, or that would otherwise tarnish LICENSOR’s reputation.
  • Advertising or other commercial messages or materials.
  • Any copyrighted materials of a third party (without prior permission from the owner of such material).

Who’s the LICENSOR? Well, basically, this is a Fan Site of Star Wars: The Old Republic made by yours truly. The above rules are the rules with which the guys involved in that game want us to operate. So, just in short, don’t go trying to spread things that attack anyone’s reputation, not just the Sarlacc’s. The Sarlacc does not like that. One thousand years long digestions happen when the Sarlacc is unhappy.

Political discussion in-character (Republic vs. Empire) will not be tolerated either, people involved in such discussions will be handed one-shot blasters and given an appointment to show up at dawn at a certain spot in the desert, to settle their differences that way. Lightsabers may be considered acceptable replacements for the blasters.


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