It would seem as if the food is organized in a more complicated hierarchy than I had so far come to understand. Apparently, some of the more intelligent food (relatively, that is) is in charge of overseeing and protecting the less aware ones.

One of these foods has suspended my Twitter account. It seemed like a tool too good to be true, it would enable me to infiltrate the food’s information networks and attract more potential meals. In reality, it is mostly my fault, I was too excited by the amount of food available and showed myself to be too aggressive, I believe.

Yes, the Sarlacc is not above recognizing his mistakes. That’s because the Sarlacc can learn from them.

Note to self: Do Not Tweet After Eating Jawas. Way too excitable.

I am now in the process of convincing the supervising food that I am, in fact, mostly harmless (heh). If that does not work, I may have to offer a different bargain, after all there is always someone the food wants to get rid of, and the Sarlacc’s stomach leaves no evidence.

We shall see…

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